Spring 2016 Chemistry Colloquia Series

The Chemistry Colloquia Series is presented Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in room 224 McKinley Hall (unless otherwise noted) during the Fall and Spring semesters. Refreshments are provided.


Date Seminar Speaker, Title
Jan. 20 Graduate Student Presentations
Jan. 27 Dr. Kevin Kubarych, University of Michigan
Dynamics of biomolecule hydration: from dilute solution to a macromolecular crowd
Feb. 3 Dr. Moriah Beck, Wichita State University
Palladin: Have actin, will travel
Feb. 10 Dr. Bin Li, WSU Department of Mechanical Engineering
Enhancing electric energy storage in polymer materials via soy protein
Feb. 17 Dr. Elena Grintsevich, UCLA
New redox-dependent mechanism of F-actin disassembly
Feb. 24 Dr. David Tierney, Miami University of Ohio
Title TBA
March 2 Dr. Holger Meyer, WSU Department of Physics
Chemistry for particle physicists and the NOvA neutrino experiment
March 9

Dr. Peng Tao, Southern Methodist University
Protein allostery: what we can learn from nudging the protein structure systematically?

March 16


March 23

Dr. Laleh Tahsini, Oklahoma State University
Pincer type N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of late transition metals: synthesis and reactivity

March 30 Dr. Greg Crowther, University of Washington
Target-based drug development for neglected infectious diseases: highly rational, or highly delusional?
April 6 Dr. Rita Miller, Oklahoma State University
The small ubiquitin-like moiety SUMO interacts covalently and non-covalently with Stu2p, a microtubule associated protein
April 13 Dr. David Clemmer, Indiana University
Title TBA
April 20 Dr. Jianhan Chen, Kansas State University
The orderly chaos of proteins
April 27 Dr. Franklin Tao, University of Kansas
Title TBA
May 4 Graduate Student Presentations