Fall 2014 Chemistry Colloquia Series

The Chemistry Colloquia Series is presented Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in room 224 McKinley Hall (unless otherwise noted) during the Fall and Spring semesters. Refreshments are provided.


Date Seminar Speaker, Title
Sept. 3 Li Yao, Wichita State University Biology Department
“The study of electric field-guided cell migration for neural regeneration.”
Sept. 10 Toshiko Ichiye, Georgetown University
“A Molecular Understanding of Hydrophobic Association”
Sept. 17 Scott Lovell, University of Kansas
“Methods to enable success in structural biology”
Sept. 24 Hui Li, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"Development and Application of the QuanPol QM/MM Methods"
Oct. 1 Jeff Aube, University of Kansas
“Discovery of Chemical Probes”
Oct. 8 Chad Slawson, University of Kansas Medical Center
“A Spoonful of Sugar:  Regulating Cellular Function by the O-GlcNAc Post-Translational Modification”
Oct. 15 Beth Levant, University of Kansas Medical Center
“Effects of alterations in omega-3 DHA content in the adult brain:  Implications for depression”
Oct. 20 (Monday)

Phillip Harries, Pittsburgh State University
“Virus Movement in Plants: Commandeering the Host Cytoskeleton”

Oct. 29 (Watkins)

Steve Padgette, Monsanto

Nov. 5

M. Ashley Spies, University of Iowa
“The utility of molecular dynamics simulations in drug discovery and optimization: application to glutamate racemases”

Nov. 12 MWRM ACS, no speaker
Nov. 19 Hans Peter Bachinger, Oregon Health & Science University and Shriners Research Center
"A molecular ensemble in the rER for procollagen maturation"
Dec. 3 Chemistry Graduate Students