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David M. Eichhorn

Professor and Chair
Inorganic Chemistry
A.B., Harvard University, 1986
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1992
Post doctorate, Northwestern University, 1992-1996

Tel: 316.978.3238
Fax: 316.978.3431
Email: David.Eichhorn@wichita.edu

Research Interests

  • Metalloenzyme Model Complexes
  • Polypyrazolylborate Complexes
  • Conductive and Magnetic Coordination Polymers

Research in the Eichhorn group is in the area of synthetic inorganic chemistry. Two current projects, described below, are (i) the synthesis of coordination polymers using a new class of polypyrazolylborate ligands with cyano substituents and (ii) modeling the active sites of sulfur-coordinated metalloenzymes. The research effort involves synthesis of ligands and metal complexes, characterization of the metal complexes by a variety of spectroscopic and other analytical techniques, and structural analysis of the products by X-ray crystallography.


Cyano-substituted Polypyrazolylborates

A new class of polypyrazolylborate ligands with cyano substituents (left) has been developed and is being studied as precursors to magnetic and conductive polymers. Right is shown the crystal structure of the copper complex of a cyano-substituted bispyrazolylborate ligand, Cu(BpPh,4-CN)2.


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Thiolate-substituted Metal Complexes

A new method for synthesizing metal complexes with mixed N/S coordination has been developed which uses an air-stable disulfide reactant. For example, the first Ni(II) complex of a tetradentate N3S donor ligand was synthesized by this technique. Compounds are being studied as models for the active sites of thiolate-coordinated metalloenzymes.


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Selected Publications (Click for full publication list)

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  • Smucker, B.W.; Van Stipdonk, M.J.; Eichhorn, D.M. “Incorporation of Thiolate Donation Using 2,2'-Dithiodibenzaldehyde: Complexes of a Pentadentate N2S3 Ligand With Relevance to the Active Site of Co Nitrile Hydratase”; J. Inorg. Biochem., 2007, 101, 1537-1542.
  • Zhao, N.; Van Stipdonk, M.J.; Eichhorn, D.M. “Syntheses and Crystal Structures of 3-tert-butyl-4-cyano Pyrazole and its Complexes with Cobalt(II), Manganese(II), and Copper(II)”; Polyhedron, 2007, 26, 2449-2454.
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