CIEE Leadership

Vish Prasad
Director and Interim Dean College of Engineering

Debra Franklin
Director of Operations, innovation@wichita.edu

Board of Directors

The board of directors will provide governance for the Center for Innovation and Enterprise Engagement.  Selection of board members is focused toward identifying senior executive candidates who are regional champions with significant social networks that can provide the CIEE with access and flexibility to implement growth strategies and guide the regional advanced manufacturing cluster development.  The board of directors will establish and review the strategic direction of the CIEE, select applicants to receive subsidized funding (grant proceeds), identify and delegate project(s) to the optimal partner institution(s), assess the degree to which progress is being made in solving technical problems, and make go/no-go/re-scope decisions.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is a sub set of the board of director members who meet on an as needed basis to discuss time sensitive issues related to the Center and clients.

Technical Advisory Panel

The board of directors will design the duties and select members of the Technical Advisory Panel.  The TAP will review applications for subsidized technical and business expertise and make recommendations to the board.

Advisory Teams - Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge (JIAC)

The JIAC Advisory Teams will provide oversight of the initiative, review the strategic goals and offer feedback and input to improve the Accelerator initiatives and the CIEE.

CIEE Organizational Chart

A flow chart to illustrate how the various branches of the CIEE work together. 

CIEE Bylaws