Art Education Program

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The School of Art and Design, College of Fine Arts, offers a professional program to prepare art teachers. Students who major in art education will learn about themselves and others through art and visual artifacts. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has a concentration in art education and is combined with art teacher licensure to teach in grades pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade in Kansas and most other states. As art teacher candidates learn that art serves a primary function in all cultures around the world and that it helps us to tell our human story, they will study composition and learn techniques and skills. In the art education program, they will translate this knowledge in work with children and adolescents during the student teaching and pre-student teaching semesters. This culminating experience is an important part of the program when the art teacher candidate is in the schools. Research has demonstrated that teacher candidates who have positive student teaching experiences learn to sustain their careers over decades.

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