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Mara Alagic, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Master of Education in Learning and Instructional Design



Office: Corbin Education Center, Room 205C

Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Categorical Views of Some Relational Models
  • M.S., Mathematics, Multi-valued Relations
  • B.S., Mathematics
  • CI 519 Mathematics Investigations
  • CI 880 Learning Theory & Curriculum Design
  • CI 881 Instructional Theory & Design
  • CI 884 Inquiry into Instructional Practice: Part 1
  • CI 885 Inquiry into Instructional Practice: Part 2
  • CI 862 Evidence-Based Inquiry: Capstone Project Proposal 
  • CI 863 Evidence-Based Inquiry:  Capstone Project 
  • CI 875 Master’s Thesis Proposal
  • CI 876 Master’s Thesis 
Recent Publications and Presentations

Flores, R., Koontz, E., Inan, F. A., & Alagic, M. (2015). Multiple representation instruction first versus traditional algorithmic instruction first: Impact in middle school mathematics classrooms. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 89(2), 267-281.

Orel, T., Alagic, M., & Rimmington, G. (2014). Concept System Analysis of the ThirdPlaceLearning Theory. In Terminology and Knowledge Engineering 2014 (pp. 10-p).

Alagic, M. (2013). Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions of Mathematical, Cognitive and Pedagogical
Fidelity of the “fill & pour” Virtual Manipulative. Martinez, M. & Superfine, C. A. (Eds.).
(2013). Proceedings of the 35th annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the
International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Chicago, IL: University of
Illinois at Chicago. (p. 119 – 126).

Alagic, G., & Alagic, M. (2013). Collaborative Mathematics Learning in Online Environments. In Visual Mathematics and Cyberlearning (pp. 23-48). Springer Netherlands.

Alagic, M., & Rimmington, G. (2013). Google Earth: Mathematical Art Forms. In Proceedings of Bridges 2013: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture (pp. 523-526). Tessellations Publishing.

Liu, F., & Alagic, M. (2013). Changing Preservice Elementary Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching and Learning the Metric System. Journal of Mathematics Education, 6(1), 1-16.

Alagic, M. (2013). Experience-centered approach and visuality in the education of mathematics and physics [Book Review]. Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, 7(2), 87-88.


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