Accountability Planning Matrix

College of Education Long-Range (APM) Goals







Community & Alumni

1. Recruitment

* Recruit high quality students, especially from diverse backgrounds

* Recruit high quality faculty, especially from diverse backgrounds

* Recruit quality staff, especially from diverse backgrounds

* Establish mutually beneficial relationships with alumni, agencies, businesses, and other community partners.

2. Support

* Provide financial, advising, and counseling support

* Reward performance based on individual goals tied to COE mission and T&P criteria.

* Provide necessary resources to meet COE mission.

* Support staff performance based on individual goals and the College mission

* Expand funding base and align resources to ensure long-term mission accomplishment

* Encourage institutional responsiveness to community and COE alumni

3. Retention

* Through educational or non-educational mechanisms, help to retain students

* Reward performance based on individual goals tied to COE mission, T&P criteria, program prestige and faculty marketability.

* Include faculty in decision-making.

* Provided professional development opportunities.

* Promote community, pride and loyalty towards WSU and the COE.

* Provide work environments that are conducive to job satisfaction and that value excellence

* Provide professional development opportunities for staff that are professionally relevant, cutting edge, and part of the emerging paradigm

* Develop among staff a strong sense of pride in and loyalty to WSU and COE

* Foster a strong sense of community among students, faculty and staff

* Maintain established community and alumni relationships

4. Enhance Learning

* Provide research-based, innovative, collaborative, and/or technologically-enhanced instruction

* Encourage and support collaboration.

* Encourage and support life long professional development.

* Encourage continuous learning by staff members that will enhance personal, intellectual, and/or professional growth

* Encourage community and alumni partnerships that will provide reciprocal and mutual learning opportunities

5. Intellectual Exploration

* Encourage and create a need for critical and investigative thinking

* Provide an adaptive organization structure.

* Encourage and reward creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

* Reward scholarship related to the WSU mission and one's profession.

* Increase access to information resources

* Encourage staff members to be resourceful

* Initiate and encourage reciprocal and cooperative ventures in research and scholarship between alumni/community and the College

6. Pursue Excellence

* Prepare students to be effective, informed, fair, and ethical leaders and life-long learners

* Support and reward excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

* Insure programs meet state and national standards and the COE mission.

* Maintain a positive work environment that values excellence

* Encourage community and alumni partnerships that promote excellence



Revised 11/04