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The Opportunity Propject (TOP)

South Campus Teacher Education Program

WIchita Public Schools (USD 259)

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Teacher Quality Partnership 2007 - 2014

Funding from the Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grant enabled Wichita State University (WSU) and its Local Education Agency--Wichita Public Schools (WPS)--and not-for-profit partners--The Opportunity Project and Rainbows United)-- to provide high quality, integrative, comprehensive, preparation for urban education. The grant helped create the Urban Teacher Preparation Program, elementary and secondary preparation with added instruction for ESOL endorsement in a Professional Development School model for approximately 150 WSU graduates from 2007 through 2014. The grant also offered a teacher residency program for early childhood special education. The core curriculum for all levels of concentration focused on urban education and diverse student needs, paying close attention to the literacy skills of the students in these high-need schools. Recruitment efforts for teacher candidates  focused on individuals from under-represented populations through high school career development courses and Future Educators Associations. Recruitment for the residency program targeted mid-career professionals interested in teaching. The grant focused on activities to retain graduates in the teaching profession through a mentor program as they progress through their first two years as teachers.