Masters' Degree in Educational Leadership


WSU’s innovative Masters Degree in Educational Leadership is designed using cohort groups. You begin your program with a cohort who becomes your "learning family" for the next two years. No longer will you attend a set of loosely-related classes which may not seem pertinent to what you do daily as an administrator in "the real world". In this program, you begin work "in the real world" from your very first meeting. From the beginning, you will be working with your mentor (usually your building principal) in assessing your own strengths and weaknesses, and identifying strengths and weaknesses in your school.  You will capitalize on these strengths and build on the weaknesses-individually and organizationally-throughout your program.

Students who complete this program and pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment are eligible for Building Leadership endorsement from KSDE.

Admission Requirements                  
  • Minimum 3.00 grade point average in last two years (60 hours) of college course work from an accredited institution.
  • Admission to the Graduate School with the degree code G17U.
  • Three Reference Report Forms: one from a supervisor and two professional peers that attests to the applicant's potential as a building administrator.
  • Evidence of teacher licensure for a role in the public/private schools and at least one year of accredited experience.
  • A resume or curriculum vita of educational and professional experience.
  • A statement of professional goals related to completion of the master's degree and/or licensure as a public school administrator.
  • A letter signed by a building principal indicating he or she is willing to serve as the student's mentor and will allow the student to fulfill the practicum  requirements of the program.
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Course Checksheet

This list of classes will help you track your progress in this program. This program is cohort based so you will proceed through the program through an organized course arrangement. We will need to update the checksheet when we drop the School Opening and Closing practica.