District Leadership

The District Leadership Program is a 21 credit hour program leading to district-level licensure. This program provides an opportunity for persons who currently hold a Kansas professional education license to participate in advanced graduate training that leads to positions as a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, or Special Education Director.  Throughout the state of Kansas, there are many completers of this program who are working in these roles.

In addition to the prescribed coursework, candidates must take and submit scores on the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA). The candidate will take the SSA prior to completing the program. The SSA is based on-ISLLC standards regarding knowledge, performance, and dispositions necessary for a district level position.

Video clip from Craig Elliott, program coordinator.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to the Graduate School with the degree code G41D
  • Three recommendations (PDF file) from supervisors and/or professional peers of which at least one must be from a supervisor that attests to your potential as an administrator.
  • Evidence of a professional teaching license, a professional school specialist license, a professional clinical
    license, a professional leadership license, OR a full vocational certificate.A
  • five-hundred word professional goal statement that discusses your leadership experience (formal/informal; professional/non­ professional). The applicant must be specific as to his/her leadership experience detailing the goals and outcomes of the applicant's leadership experience. The statement  will be analyzed for evidence of leadership ability and writing skill.
  • Minimum grade-point average (G.P.A.) of 3.25 for the first 30 hours of graduate course work leading to a professional education license from an accredited institution.

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Course Checksheet
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