District Leadership


The District Leadership Program is a 21 credit hour program that allows an individual to obtain a district-level license to lead a school district in the state of Kansas. This program provides an opportunity for persons who currently hold a Kansas professional building leadership license to participate in advanced graduate training that leads to positions as a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, or Special Education Director.  Throughout the state of Kansas, there are many completers of the Wichita State program who are employed in these professional roles.
In addition to the prescribed coursework of five seminars and a year-long internship working with a practicing professional, candidates must take and submit a passing score on the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA). The SSA is based on standards adopted by the Kansas State Department of Education which include knowledge, performance, and dispositions necessary for a district-level school leadership position.

Admission Requirements
• Admission to the Graduate School with the degree code G41D. The official transcript from a regional accredited university where the applicant received a master’s degree in Educational Building Leadership is required.
• Minimum GPA of 3.25 for graduate coursework leading to the master’s degree.
• Resume that indicates three years of employment/experience in an accredited school system.
• Three recommendations from supervisors and/or professional peers of which at least one must be from a supervisor who attests to the prospective candidate's potential as a leader and who shows promise for leading a school district or special education unit.
• Provides evidence of a professional building leadership license.
• Professional Goal Statement: A 500 word professional goal statement that presents the prospective candidate's leadership experience (formal/informal; professional/non¬ professional). The applicant must be specific as to his/her leadership experience detailing the goals and outcomes of the applicant's leadership experience. The statement will be analyzed for evidence of leadership ability and writing skill.

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Course Checksheet
This list of courses allows each candidate the opportunity to view when classes are offered which will help the candidate in planning their program.

Program Requirements

District School Administrator Program

The District School Administrator Program requires 21 credit hours of course work, five seminars and a year-long internship.

Program Requirements:
EL 884 (3): Leadership in Vision, Collaboration, Planning [offered in the fall, August - October]

EL 953 (3): Financial Support of Education [offered in the summer, three weeks in June]

EL 956 (3): Human Services Leadership [offered in fall, October - December]

EL 963 (3): Policy and Politics in Educational Leadership [offered in the spring, January - March]

EL 964 (3): Administration and Supervision of Special Education [offered in spring, March - May]

EL 992 (6): Superintendency/Internship [offered in the fall and spring]

Once a candidate successfully completes all course work and program requirements, the licensure office at Wichita State will assist the candidate with their request for licensure.