Program Details

Masters' in Educational Leadership

If you wish to advance into school administration, the Masters Degree provides all the knowledge and experience you will need to become an outstanding and sought after building principal for urban, suburban and rural settings. It is a cohort-based program, which means you work with the same learning family with individualized support by your cohort facilitator. Our faculty and facilitators bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and will guide you through the two-year program. In addition, you will work with a mentor, who is an experienced building principal. The learning activities are geared towards ensuring that you gain the knowledge and experience to be successful. In collaboration with Wichita Public Schools we offer a program strand specifically focused on the needs of urban school leaders. Graduates of this Masters program are highly sought after. Many advance to district level administration. A growing number pursue the Doctoral program and some have gone on to contribute to and even lead other Educational Leadership departments.