Structure of the Program

Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology consists of 12 credit hours —6 credit hours of
required courses and 6 credit hours of electives.

Required Courses (6 CH)

Cl 758 Nature of Technology and Educational Implications (3 CH)
Cl 881 Instructional Theory (3 CH)

Electives (6 CH)
Selected from the following options
Cl 771 Technology in the Classroom (1-2 CH)
Cl 787 Emerging Edu Technologies (2 CH)
Cl 788 Multimedia Production (2 CH)
Cl 785 Instructional Design and LMS (2 CH)
Cl 505 Science Technology & Society (1 CH)
Cl 780C Technology in the Classroom - Young Children (1-2 CH)
Cl 780L Technology in the Classroom - Language Arts (2 CH)
Cl 780M Technology in the Classroom - Mathematics (1-2 CH)
Cl 780S Technology in the Classroom - Science (2 CH)

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