WSU College of Education Advisory Board

The COEd Advisory Board is a diverse group of leaders with a common purpose -- to support the mission of the WSU College of Education through the creation and implementation of action plans to increase:
• Opportunities for applied learning and real world experiences for students in the college;
• Resources, including financial, to advance the mission of the college and university;
• The College’s ability to assess the needs of the partner and community agencies they are working with, and thus better serve them;
• Awareness and visibility of the College of Education as a recognized leader in education, and the value proposition of attending and supporting Wichita State University and the College of Education, and;
• The ability of the College of Education to identify, evaluate and respond to opportunities and challenges.

Members AY 2016-2017

Rachel Allen, Chair

Christine Downey-Schmidt

Becky Endicott

Jody Fiorini

Ron Holt

Jay Hull

Ashlie Jack

Jay Keener

Shirley Lefever

Kim McDowell

Jane McHugh

David Nygaard

Suzanne Peterson

Mike Rogers

Connie Simcox

Jo Ann Skillett

Nancy Soldner

Clay Stoldt

Trudy Swint

Jessica Treadwell

Rhonda Turner

Mark Vermillion

Linda Weir-Enegren

Patricia Whitney