WSU College Readiness Initiative

Steering Committee

2012-13 Members

  • P. J. Reilly Valley Center HS, USD 262
  • Cara Ledy South HS, USD 259
  • Ruthann Harris East HS, USD 259
  • Sherman Padgett North HS, USD 259
  • Brian Gregoire Andover Central HS, USD 385
  • Leroy Parks Southeast HS, USD 259
  • Steve Parks Heights HS, USD 259
  • Dr. Bill Kelley Eisenhower HS, USD 265
  • Susan Perkins Goddard HS, USD 265
  • Eric Hofer-Holdeman West HS, USD 259
  • Dr. Sheila Rathbun Maize USD 266
  • Dr. Charlene Laramore Derby USD 260

The steering committee was established to provide guidance in the development of the strategic plan as well as to provide input on collaborative projects, meetings and events focusing on college readiness.  The first meeting of the steering committee took place on July 17, at which time the following key strategies were approved:

Strategy 1: Provide opportunities for dialogue and planning to address gaps in the P-16 pipeline with specific emphasis on the transition from secondary to post-secondary settings.

Strategy 2: Analyze systems, structures, and support programs in school districts and at Wichita State University focused on first year student success and develop recommendations for development.

Strategy 3: Establish critical links among student support programs at Wichita State University focused on transition to college, first year success, and student retention.

Strategy 4: Establish professional collaborations between high schools and the departments of English and Mathematics at Wichita State University.

Strategy 5: Plan and create a summer transition program for incoming freshmen at Wichita State University.

Strategy 6: Explore and develop technology options for P-16 professional learning, collaborative projects and student support.

Strategy 7: Increase alignment between Wichita State University’s general education program and district high school programs relative to the Common Core Standards and assessments that predict and monitor student success.

Strategy 8: Expand links between high schools, community colleges, and Wichita State University relative to student success and retention.

Strategy 9: Inform area businesses and community organizations regarding the College Readiness Initiative and garner support and partnerships.

Strategy 10:  In collaboration with the Office of Research and Development, explore and pursue collaborative grant opportunities focused on the successful transition of students from secondary level schools to the university.