Program Assessment Plans

The Program Assessment Plan (PAP) is part of Unit Assessment System designed to align with multiple standards and requirements, such as the unit’s conceptual framework (CF), Kansas state licensure standards, and national/professional standards, as well as requirements of the Kansas Board of Regents and Higher Learning Commission. The PAP specifies a comprehensive and integrated set of both internal and external evaluation measures that focus program operations as well candidate performance, which are used to make candidate decisions at pre-defined transition points. There are 33 programs in the College of Education Professional Education Unit. In addition, Sport Management and Human Performance Studies both have BA and Med program within the College. Each program collects evidence of candidate proficiencies based on the Program Assessment Plan, established by each Program Committee. Each PAP includes, as a minimum, the following:

  1. A master program standards alignment table (Program Table 2).
  2. A narrative describing the operation of the Program Assessment Plan.
  3. A Program Assessment Plan figure (Figure 1), plus an attachment with details.  





Early Childhood Unified BA

Earth and Space Science

Elementary Education

English Grades 5-8

English Grades 6-12

Exercise Science*

Foreign Language

History Grades 5-8

History Grades 6-12

Math Grades 5-8

Math Grades 6-12



Physical Education

Science Grades 5-8

Sport Management*


Alternative Licensure

Building Leadership

Counseling (School Counselor)

Curriculum and Instruction

District Level Leadership

Educational Leadership

Educational Psychology


Exercise Science*

Library Media Specialist

Reading Specialist 

School Psychology

Special Education Adaptive

Special Education Functional

Special Education Gifted

Sport Management*

* Non Teacher Education Programs