What are the differences between the MLS/MAT and T2T programs?

The two MAT programs have the certain requirements in common. To be eligible for either program, prospective students must: 

  • Complete at least a BA/BS degree from an accredited institution in the subject(s) they will teach prior to entry.
  • Meet GPA requirements of 2.75 in last 60 credit hours.
  • Be admitted to the WSU Graduate School.
  • Receive passing scores on the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) and the Praxis II content area exam.
  • Complete summer prerequisite education coursework.

The key differences between the programs are outlined below:


MLS/MAT Program

T2T Program

Teaching candidates must secure a position as a para-educator in a partnering school district. Teaching candidates must secure a full-time teaching contract in an accredited Kansas school district.


Candidates must be seeking licensure in Math, Science, or English grades 6-12 and be employed as a para-educator (co-op intern) in their content area.

Candidate must choose to teach in an approved subject and grade level.

  • Math (5-8 or 6-12)
  • Biology (6-12)
  • Chemistry (6-12)
  • Physics (6-12)
  • Earth/Space (6-12)
  • Science (5-8)
  • English (5-8 or 6-12 )
  • History/Government (6-12)
  • Speech/Theatre (6-12)
  • Physical Ed. (PreK-12)
  • Art (PreK-12)
  • French (PreK-12)
  • Spanish (PreK-12)
  • Music (PreK-12)

**Other areas require authorization


No special requirement beyond BA/BS degree. Candidates must provide evidence of work experience in a field corresponding with the subjects they wish to teach and have a BA/BS degree in their content field.


Teaching candidates must complete 36 credit hours to attain the MAT degree. Teaching candidates complete their licensure requirements in the first 29 hours (two years). Those who wish to earn the MAT degree must complete an additional seven graduate credit hours of research in the third year.

**Program areas not eligible: Elementary, Special Education, ESOL.

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