Transition to Teaching Program Coursework

The following list is the current sequence of required professional education coursework and examinations in T2T once a candidate is deemed eligible by meeting program entrance requirements.


Before summer
Pass the Praxis Subject Assessment exam.


First summer (8 credit hours)
CI 760A - Creating an Effective Classroom (2 credit hours)
CI 702 - Introduction to Exceptional Children (3 credit hours)
CESP 728 - Theories of Growth and Development (3 credit hours)

First fall (3 credit hours)
CI 743 - Internship 1 (1 credit hour)
CI 761A - Instructional Planning (2 credit hours)

First spring (3 credit hours)
CI 744 - Internship 2 (1 credit hour)
CI 769 - Instructional Strategies, Technology, and Assessment (2 credit hours)


Second summer (7 credit hours)
CI 794 - Diversity & Culture in a Global Society (3 credit hours)
CI 701 - Foundations of Education (2 credit hours)
CI 710B - Differentiated Instruction for Active Engagement  (2 hours)

Second fall (5 hours)
CI 748 - Internship 3 (1 credit hour)
CI 848 - Analysis and Reflection (2 credit hours)
CI 615 - Learning and Reading Strategies (2 credit hours)

Second spring (6 credit hours)
CI 749 - Internship 4 (3 credit hours)
CLES - 801 Introduction to Education Research (3 credit hours; for MAT students only)
Pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam (PLT).
Receive passing scores on the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP).

Transition to Teaching Licensure Program completed (29 credit hours).  MAT candidates continue to year three.


Third summer (for MAT students only)
CI 860 - Seminar in Research Problems (2 credit hours)

Third fall (for MAT students only)
CI 862 - Evidence Based Capstone Project Proposal (1 credit hour)

Third spring (for MAT students only)
CI 863 - Evidence Based Capstone Project (1 credit hour)

Master of Arts in Teaching Program completed (36 credit hours)