FAQ: Transition to Teaching Program

Q: When can I begin the program?
A: A new two-year cohort begins in June of each year.

Q: When can I apply for the program?
A:  Applications can be completed and submitted year-round.

Q: What do I need to be eligible for program entry?
A: Candidates need to have a degree in the subject they are wanting to teach or must have a degree and completed all required coursework in the subject in which one plans to teach and meet the GPA requirements.

Q: Are courses available online?
A: Courses for the Transition to Teaching program include face-to-face, hybrid and online formats.

Q: What subjects can I teach?
A: The 'high needs' teaching fields at the secondary level are typically Mathematics, Science, and English. View subjects available for licensure through Transition to Teaching.

Q: How long does it take to complete the program?
A: It takes two years to complete teaching licensure requirements. It takes an additional year to complete the master's degree. A new two-year cohort begins every June.

Q: What tests will I need to take for program entry?
A: After completing the application process you should begin with testing preparation for the Praxis Subject Assessment Exam in your teaching subject. 

Q: Can I transfer credit hours from another program or university to substitute for T2T program course requirements?
A: No. The Kansas State Department of Education and WSU have approved the set of courses that make up T2T.