Middle-Level Science Education Program Requirements

The purpose of this research-based program is to develop teacher candidates into caring, competent, collaborative, reflective professionals; authorities in the content and instruction of Earth and Space Science, the nature of science and science inquiry; and leaders of learning and teaching in local, state, and international communities.

Admission Requirements

The College of Education offers numerous programs in addition to Teacher Education. Information about applying for the Teacher Education Program is included in the Teacher Education Application Packet. The packet includes:

  • Admission Requirements
  • Application for Admission
  • Admission Testing Requirements
  • Attestation of Eligibility

The completed packet should be submitted to Education Support Services (ESS) the semester before the student plans to begin the Teacher Education Program.

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Transition to Teaching Program

If you already have a bachelor's degree in Science and are interested in teaching Science at the secondary level (grades 6-12) you may qualify for the Transition to Teaching Program.

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Program Checksheets:
The Program Checksheet can help you track the courses you have taken or need to take.

Grades 5-8

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Program Outline
Candidates in the Middle Level program are required to take 46 hours of general education course work, including basic skills. They will take course work in two content areas, becoming licensed to teach students in grades 5-8 in those areas. Preparation of the candidates is rounded out with strong emphasis on literacy, diversity, ethics, and pedagogical content knowledge. They apply their skills and knowledge in field experiences and practica throughout the program.
For a Middle Level Science endorsement, candidates will complete 30 hours of science content courses (including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy).
The candidates are also required to take a course dealing with the relationship of science, technology and society. The Middle Level program leads to the development of candidates who are competent, collaborative, reflective professionals who are proficient in 2 content areas who will become excellent teachers and learners. If you are a current teacher in elementary or secondary schools, you can add a Middle Level Science license. For a listing of the specific courses required for adding a Middle Level Science license, please see Middle Level Subject Area Requirements