Here are a few comments from our students and graduates about the sport management program at Wichita State University:

"TBlake Molinahe department is so well-connected with alumni that even though we're
in Wichita, students are able to get placed anywhere in the country for their internships."

“The faculty are great. They are kind of small so you have them on multiple occasions with classes and you can really get to know each other and build a rapport and relationship.”

Blake Molina,
Graduate student in sport management and graduate assistant,
WSU Athletics

Boomer JenkinsThe biggest factors in deciding to attend Wichita State was,
“The open communication of the faculty, the structure of the
program (internship/experience based rather than dissertation),
and the affordability.”

William "Boomer" Jenkins,
M.Ed. in sport management and Business Intelligence Analyst,
Sporting Kansas City

“There are small class sizes in the sport management department so you get more one-on-one time with the professor.”

Thomas Rowold,
Undergraduate student in sport management and intern, Wichita State Campus Recreation

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