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Sport Management Program FAQ

What is the difference between sport administration and sport management?
The two terms are interchangeable. Sport administrators/managers apply general business, legal, communication and socio-cultural theory in sport specific settings.

Is this a degree that will help me reach my goal of becoming a sports agent?
Yes, this degree will help you learn about the sport industry, including policies, legal issues, financial aspects and issues and trends. Many sport agents have law degrees, so students interested in such work may need to plan on pursuing a law degree in the future.

Can I get an internship?
Yes. In fact, an internship is required in order to graduate. Many of these internships are paid positions and will give you valuable work experience before returning home. In addition to providing excellent opportunities to make professional connections, many internships lead to job offers. After you graduate, you may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and work in the U.S. for an additional year before going home. These internship and work opportunities make our Sport Management program a popular choice for international students.

How quickly can one complete the master's degree in sport management?
Students have six years to complete the degree, but fulltime graduate students can expect to complete it in two years.

Are graduate assistantships available?
Yes. Typically, sport management students get assistantships in either the WSU athletic department, the Heskett Center (campus recreation facility) or the Department of Sport Management. Each unit selects its own graduate assistants and requires its own application.

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