Start on a fast track to your graduate degree in High and Low Incidence Special Education

Elementary, Middle, & Secondary Education with a concentration in Special Education:
• Undergraduate education majors in their senior year can take 9 credit hours and be eligible for a provisional license in High-Incidence or Low-Incidence Special Education upon graduation*.

Provisional Endorsement Option:
• If you have a Bachelor’s in education you may be eligible for a provisional endorsement!* These courses will be applied to your plan of study to earn a Master's degree in High-Incidence or Low-Incidence Special Education (SPED).

• If you are not planning to enter special education, these courses can be taken as electives to help strengthen your ability to work in your current or future inclusive classroom.

All of these courses are offered online to fit in with your busy schedule.

Contact: Dr. Donna Sayman –donna.sayman@wichita.edu or Dr. Heidi Cornell – heidi.cornell@wichita.edu

High-Incidence SPED                                                    Low-Incidence SPED
CI 719 (1) (Fall) –Foundations of SPED                          CI 719 (1) (Fall) - Foundations of SPED           

CI 720 (2) (Fall) –Characteristics of the high/low             CI 720 (2) (Fall)- Characteristics of the high/low incidence learners                                                             incidence learners
CI 724 (3) (Spring) –Teaching methods:                          CI 742 (3) Spring) Teaching methods:                 High Incidence                                                                  Low Incidence
CI 749A (3) (Summer): Practicum: High Incidence         CI 749F (3) (Summer)-Practicum: Low Incidence     

CI 796 (3) – Family Collaboration                                     CI 796 (3) – Family Collaboration

*Currently, Kansas law states that you must be working in a SPED classroom to earn your license in SPED. The provisional certification is a fast track to that process!