Technology Overview

Technology is an essential component of the mission of the College of Education, and the COE is committed to providing faculty, staff, and students with the technology resources needed for teaching, learning, research, assessment, and productivity. A COE goal is to ensure that each graduate is technology literate and has the technology skills necessary to not only be successful in his/her field, but to be a technology leader and visionary.

The COE provides multiple layers of support for technology. Each faculty member provides models and instruction for integrating technology into teaching. The COE Technology Team provides support, professional development, and technology leadership. University resources, including University Computing and the Media Resources Center offer university-wide technology services that enable us to be leaders in the use of technology.

Collaborations with other WSU colleges have allowed the COE to broaden its technology resources and vision, and enabled us to offer more diverse experiences for our students and faculty. These collaborations help us find exciting ways to integrate and infuse technologies, concepts and best practices across curriculum, and provide additional models for the use of technology in specific content areas, e.g., biology and engineering. In addition, these collaborations foster opportunities for grant writing, publishing, and research activities. Numerous grants have helped the COE establish a solid technology base on which we can build and expand.

Technology sustainability is always a challenge. Technology changes almost daily, and funding is limited. The COE prepares educators who understand the "concept" of technology, rather than the specifics of "pushing buttons". It is an essential skill that will help them succeed in the a rapidly changing environment. The College funds technology through traditional and innovative sources. We are continually on the lookout for opportunites, including partnerships and grants, that will help us sustain the level of support we believe is necessary for us to remain technology leaders on campus, in schools, and in our community.