Writing Center

What We Offer

The Wichita State University Writing Center is a free writing resource available to all WSU students.� Trained undergraduate tutors from a variety of majors will help you at any stage of your writing--from brainstorming to later stage work and revisions.� Also available are graduates of our BA program and graduate-level tutors, many of whom are working toward their MA in English or MFA in Creative Writing.

We Offer:

  • Brainstorming assistance
  • Help with developing a topic
  • Specific writing problem assistance
  • Help with revisions
  • Development of critical reading leading to more enhanced writing
  • Assistance with sentence, grammatical, or punctuation errors.
  • �On-line grammar exercises
  • Seven computers equipped with Word 98

We Will Not:

We will not edit or proofread papers, correct grammatical and mechanical errors, revise papers for students, rewrite sentences or paragraphs, write introductions or conclusions, or guarantee good grades on papers.� For extensive writing projects, such as theses, please call Kerry Jones, Director of the Writing Center: 978-3173.

Hours and Location

The Writing Center is nestled high above campus on the sixth floor of Lindquist Hall, room 601.� Our telephone number is 316-978-3173.� Appointments are not necessary, but are available and especially convenient for those students with hectic schedules or who must commute to WSU.� If you�re traveling icy I-135 from Hutchinson at the end of November, it�s nice to know someone will be there and ready to help!� During especially inclement weather, please call the Writing Center and make sure we�re open for business.� Sometimes we do have to close early, and sometimes, due to weather conditions, we are forced to operate on a skeleton staff.


Monday-Thursday, 11am-7pm
Friday, 11am-4pm

We generally close early the day before scheduled holidays, and we are closed during the holidays.� The Writing Center opens the first full week of class (Monday) and closes for the semester on the last day of class.� We are not open during finals.

Writing Resources

For additional help, check out these on-line services:

Citation Manuals and Style Guides:

MLA Format


Fall 2008 Staff

Parker Daniel
Tjaden Sadowski
Ian Bailey
Drew Bonner
Scott Ufford
Sarah Huslig
Gabriella Stewart

Becoming a Tutor

If you are interested in becoming a Writing Tutor, please stop by the Writing Center for an application or visit Kerry Jones, Director of the Writing Center.� You should be able to refer to at least two English classes that you have taken at WSU, and that you list a professor who can vouch for your writing skills and recommend you as a tutor.� We also ask that you provide a current transcript of your work here at WSU.� As always, good oral and written communication skills are an absolute must!

Contact Us

For more information about the Writing Center, contact Writing Center Director Kerry Jones at 316-978-6183 or send her an e-mail: kerry.jones@wichita.edu.� Her office is 600 Lindquist Hall, directly across from the Writing Center.