Planning/Approval Process 

When the publicity for a continuing education program is being prepared and before it is distribured to the public, a Planning & Approval Form must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Continuing Education.  The Form can be filled out, printed, and signed and sent via campus mail to the Office of Continuing Education at box 136. The Director of the Office of Continuing Education reviews Planning & Approval applications for approval.  Once approval has been granted, the Office of Continuing Education will return a copy of the approved and signed Planning & Approval form for your files.

CEU Processing

If CEU's are requested by the student or the department, please call 978-6493.  The Office of Continuing Education will work with you on the necessary steps and documentation required to process CEUs.

Annual Report

At the end of each Fiscal year, the Office of Continuing Education prepares a report of the year's non credit activities.  It is very important this information is completed and reported in a timely manner.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact the WSU Continuing Education Office at 978-6493.  NOTE:  Not all CEU's meet the criteria for professional relicensure credit.  Please contact 978-6493 for more information.