Purchase Requisition

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You may use the electronic version of this form or the paper version. The paper version will have a pre-printed Requisition Number much as the Legacy Purchase Requisition forms did. This form will only be used by NON-GO-LIVE Organizations.

Please note that on the electronic form there is not a preprinted Requisition Number. You may use a number from one of the preprinted paper Banner Requisitions as long as you use that number only one time. When you become a GO-LIVE Organization, you will no longer use this document.

Instructions to complete Requisition:

  1. Enter today's Date
  2. List your Organization Name (This is the Banner term for your Department Name)
  3. Enter your Campus Mail Box Number
  4. Enter the Delivery Info, Building and Room Number
  5. Enter Vendor Information
    1. Vendor FEIN
    2. Vendor Name
    3. Vendor Order Address
    4. Contact Name
  6. Contract Number
    1. State Contract Number (Example 06002)
    2. Local Contract Number (Example WSU010)
    3. Encumbrance Contract Number (Example A0671505)
  7. Special Instruction concerning the whole requisition including the sending of a quote or specifications under separate cover
  8. Banner Fund
  9. Banner Organization
  10. Banner Account
  11. Total Amount of that funding line
  12. Total Requisition Amount
  13. Line Item Detail
    1. Quantity
    2. Unit of Measure
    3. Description
    4. Unit Price
    5. Line Item Total
  14. End User Information who do we contact for additional information or questions?
    1. Name
    2. Campus phone extension
    3. Email address
  15. Inventory Organization Number If this purchase is for an identifiable asset and the ownership is an Organization OTHER THAN the Organization listed in the funding line, the Owning Organization Number goes here
  16. Requisition signed by the proper budget authority

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