First Time Co-op Connect Users

Employer Guide

Access the following website:  www.myinterfase.com/wichita_coop/employer
You should disable any popup blocker when using this site.

  • Search for your Organization and select; if it you can’t find it click on “Can’t Find Your Organization.”
  • Complete all sections. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • To post a internship/co-op position follow the Steps in To Create a New Job.

Once you have registered and if you posted a internship/co-op, both your account and internship/co-op will be in pending status. An administrator will review both your account and internship/co-op.  If your registration is approved, you will receive an email notification.  If you do not receive your email notification within 48 hours, please contact our office at (316) 978-3688.