Exisiting Co-op Connect Users

Employer Guide

Existing Users:

Update My Profile

  • To update Employer Information, click on [Edit].  Make changes and click on SAVE to complete the changes.
  • To update Contact Information, click on [Edit].  After making changes, click on SAVE to complete changes.

To Create a New Job

  • Click on New Job.  Enter job information.  Fields with an asterisk (*) are required information.  Fill out as much information as possible to make the job posting complete.  In the field, “Application Instructions,” enter the procedure in which a potential employee may apply for this position.  Click on SAVE to update this information.

*Under the Posting Information section, there are two fields that you need to review.  In “Show Contact Information,” if you select No, your contact information will not be available to potential employees.

To Make Changes to Current Jobs

  • There are several sections (Position Information, Contact Information and Posting Information) that you may update.
  • To make changes to any sections, click on the [Edit] link and make your changes.  Once completed, click on SAVE for each section. 
  • You can re-post an old job by opening the job profile and clicking on Copy Job under the page functions on the left side of the screen.

Once you add a job or make changes to a current job, the information will be reviewed by the Cooperative Education Office before it is posted.