Cooperative Education and Internships

Differences between
Co-op and Career Services

The mission and purpose of Cooperative Education and Work-Based Learning and that of the Offices of Career Services are quite different.

Cooperative Education and InternshipsChristopher Thome

  • Academic services orientated office
  • Facilitates opportunities for students to gain career-related experience and apply theory and knowledge from coursework to industry
  • Helps students develop career skills so they will be more marketable when applying for post-graduation career positions
  • Encourages students to develop learning goals/objectives to guide work
  • Offers academic credit and a structured learning experience by using the workplace supervisor, a faculty liaison and a co-op coordinator to serve as a learning team for the student


Career Services

  • Student services orientated office
  • Helps students find part-time work that is not necessarily related to their major but provides an income for college and offers an opportunity to build basic transferable skills
  • Guides students as they look for full-time work upon graduation
  • Hosts career fairs and other events to help students identify potential employers
  • Provides career counseling and offers job exploration tools to students who are undecided about their majors