Cooperative Education and Internships


Our location in Wichita, as well as our 34-year-old program, has allowed us to form strong relationships with public, private and nonprofit organizations that offer a variety of internship opportunities. These positions are an invaluable way for WSU students to gain professional experience to complement the strong academic fundamentals they learn in the classroom.

Through the Career Development Center, students have an opportunity to earn Academic Credit for an internship, or do Zero Credit and have an internship recognized on their academic transcript.

Academic Credit Option
In addition to completing the internship, students must enroll and pay tuition, submit learning objectives, complete a mid-term visit, complete a student self-evaluation form and submit a final project assigned by a faculty member.

Zero Credit Option
This option allows students to document an internship on their official academic transcript through a transcript notation. No tuition is paid.

In addition to completing the internship, students must enroll in Zero Credit, submit internship agreement form, attend reflection meeting with coordinator, submit an hour’s verification form and complete a Zero Credit Assessment at the end of semester. All Zero Credit internship positions must be paying positions.

Students choose to take an internship for Zero Credit for several reasons:

  • They have already completed the internship requirement of their program
  • They are already enrolled for the maximum number of credits for the semester
  • They wish to avoid paying tuition for an internship credit
  • They want their academic college to receive the data of their experience to further promote their programs

Eligibility Requirements

  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – 2.0 GPA; 24 undergraduate credit hours
  • Barton School of Business – 2.25 GPA; 24 undergraduate credit hours
  • College of Engineering – 2.75 GPA; 24 undergraduate credit hours
  • WSU degree-bound student
  • Working at least 10 hours/week
  • Enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours during the fall/spring semester
  • (Zero Credit only - Must be a U.S. citizen, Permanent Resident, or Deferred Action)
  • Zero Credit Internship positions must earn a wage

Next Steps
If students meet the above eligibility requirements and:

  • Already have a job and want to receive Academic Credit or Zero Credit, please call our office at (316) 978-3688, and schedule a meeting with a coordinator.
  • Want to search for internship opportunities through our database, activate your profile through Handshake