Cooperative Education and Internships

Employer Success Agreement

Thank you for your interest in the Cooperative Education and Internship Program at Wichita State University. We work with approximately 400 employers each year, and our goal is to help students prepare for successful careers and make connections between the classroom and the workplace.

The best partnerships occur when participating organizations understand the importance of experiential learning and support students’ growth in the workplace. Listed below are guidelines to help you understand our program and help you know what you can expect from our office.


Provide services to employers that meet and exceed their expectations

Be responsive to employers and be flexible when possible to ensure that employers’ needs are met

Prepare students for interview / workplace success by:
• Providing a constructive professional development workshop
• Reviewing resumes individually with students
• Coaching students on effective interviewing techniques
• Providing, when available, written information on industry standards, requirements and opportunities

Recruit and pre-screen students based on the details provided on the job description form

Support student success by visiting the job site during the work term to meet with students and their supervisors

Streamline processes for employers to minimize paperwork

Work cooperatively when necessary to ensure that qualified students can be recruited from multiple majors

Examine and revise the program as needed to ensure that it is relevant and appropriate for employers

Serve as a campus resource for organizations and connect them to Wichita State whenever possible

Provide structure to the students’ work experiences, so that they are motivated to perform their best at work


Recognize that the primary purpose of hiring students is to help them learn

Offer work experiences that are challenging, educationally beneficial and that foster students’ professional growth — experiences that are directly related to their major or career focus

Submit a detailed job description form for each of your positions

Work corroboratively with the program when interviewing students and making job offers

Inform your coordinator once you make an offer of employment to a student

Require that students who accept job offers meet the enrollment guidelines as established by Wichita State University

Encourage student success by:
• Requiring that students be subject to the same policies and procedures as other employees in the organization
• Ensuring that students have a primary supervisor who provides them with work requests
• Providing a set place for students to work, such as their own cubicle or desk
• Offering additional training for students when possible

Contribute to students’ learning by:
• Mentoring students
• Meeting with students each semester to discuss their work goals
• Meeting with the coordinator and students during a site visit
• Evaluating students’ performance at the end of each semester

Make a good faith effort to offer continuing employment opportunities to students and allow them to take on increasing amounts of responsibility over time

Agree that a successful partnership is ongoing and extends beyond the hiring of one student or the completion of one project

Comply with NACE Principles for Employment Professionals