Cooperative Education and Internships

Employer Program Information

GIFImageCooperative education (co-op) and internships benefit the regional economy. It is a fact that new businesses are attracted to, and tend to relocate in, regions where there is a large pool of workers with experience and knowledge.

It is important that we keep our eye on the future and continue to develop a strong, educated workforce. By creating new co-op opportunities and internships you will help recruit, retain and reward young talent which is vital to the future of our city and your organization.

Co-ops and internships provide students with real life work experience, but did you know that they can directly impact your company or organization's productivity and bottom line? Both are an effective and efficient way to attract energized workers, and infuse your business with new ideas and skills. They also offer an effective way to locate and train qualified and motivated students to fill immediate needs, as well as create a pipeline of talent for your future workforce needs.

Wichita State University's Office of Cooperative Education and Work-Based Learning is about the business of working with employers to develop quality co-op and internships for WSU students.

Co-op and internship positions need to meet these criteria:

  1. Relate to a degree(s) offered at WSU
  2. Provide meaningful collegiate level learning experiences
  3. Demonstrate a progressive challenging educational opportunity

List a cooperative education or internship position with our office.