Cooperative Education and Internships

Getting Credit for Your Job

If you are currently working in a job related to your major and meet the academic requirements established by your college, you may be eligible to receive academic credit.

JPEG ImageYour Current Job Must Have:

  • An assigned supervisor who           provides orientation, training and professional guidance.
    *** The supervisor must have more              knowledge in the field than you.
  • A designated work area.
  • The opportunity to observe and work with professionals and attend meetings with staff, clients, etc.

Your Supervisor Must:

  • Allow you to develop a variety of  competencies in your professional field, as well as contribute to the productivity of the organization.
  • Provide you with clear job descriptions that specifically outline your duties and necessary qualifications, including development of new skills and increasing

JPEG ImageIf you met the above requirements:

1. Meet with your academic advisor to determine the number of internship credit hours you can put towards your degree requirements.

  • Business Majors meet with
    business advising to determine
    number of eligible credits.
    ***Must get approval from faculty
  • Engineering Majors skip step 1.
  • Education and Health Majors must have your job approved by your academic advisor.
  • LAS Majors need to determine whether to enroll in major or general credit.
    ***Must enroll in major credit first, then LASI general credit.
  • LAS Majors wanting to receive general credit must bring a completed LASI 481 permission form signed by your LAS advisor.
    ***Available at Co-op & LAS offices

2. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate Career Development Specialist and bring:

  • A copy of your job description signed by your supervisor.
  • Supervisor’s name, title, phone, email and mailing address.

3. Enroll and pay tuition.

4. Start Earning Credit!