Cooperative Education and Internships

Resume Tips

Bridgette Donley

  • Resumes should be clear, concise, clean and correct
  • Limit your resume's length to one page
  • Use one-inch margins on all sides of page
  • Select one easily readable font and maintain font consistency
  • Bold section headers to ensure that employers can easily pinpoint information
  • Include white space on the page to make sure your information does not appear overwhelming
  • Outline your qualifications and experiences by using bulleted sentence fragments rather than full sentences
  • Do not include any personal information, for example; race, religion, marital status, pictures, gender, nationality or social security number
  • Do not include any information related to high school activities or high school academics
  • Do not include hobbies or personal interests unless there is a clear connection between them and your career interests
  • Make sure that your resume is error free
  • Have multiple people review your resume to check for misspellings, grammar inconsistencies and formatting issues