Careers in Criminal Justice 

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Internship/Cooperative Education

The School of Community Affairs is proud to help our students get placement in  Co-ops and Internships for those who qualify.  If you are interest in doing an internship or Co-op, please visit the programs webpage and contact Kelley Mattivi, Coordinator for the Liberal Arts and Science School. Kelley’s phone number is 316-978-6144 and email is kelley.mattivi@wichita.edu


Annual Career Fair

Each spring the Criminal Justice Student Association hosts a CJ career fair on campus that is open to the public. This career fair is specifically geared towards criminal justice agencies including law enforcement, corrections, and courts.

The 2014 CJ career fair has been concluded on April 1, 2014. The date for 2015 has not been decided yet. Please fill out the following forms, if you wish to be updated. 

For agencies:

To reserve a space at the Spring 2015 Criminal Justice Career Fair, fill out this online form and we will contact you soon.  

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