Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


How to Apply:

1. Prepare program requirement materials (see requirements below)

2. Apply Online


Request an application packet from Graduate School: Here

Information on the Online CJ MA Program

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the Graduate School admission requirements, applicants must submit: (1) two letters of reference from people acquainted with the applicant's background and potential and (2) a brief autobiographical statement describing particular interests, experiences and goals related to academic and professional work in criminal justice.

Applicants are evaluated with respect to (1) undergraduate grade point average; a minimum GPA of 3.0 based on the last 60 hours is required for consideration of admission to degree status; (2) amount, type and scope of undergraduate preparation; and (3) reference letters. Final recommendation on a candidate's admission to the MACJ program is made to the Graduate School by the graduate coordinator of the Criminal Justice program.

Degree Requirements:

Students pursuing the MA degree in criminal justice may follow either a thesis or a non-thesis option. Both program options require a minimum of 36 hours, including 24 hours taken in courses numbered 700 or above. Core Curriculum. All degree candidates are required to complete CJ 802, 893, 894, and 897 with a grade of B or better in each course. It is recommended that all core courses be completed in the first two semesters of study. Students selecting the thesis option may count up to 6 hours of thesis credit toward the required 36-hour total.

The MACJ degree requires a minimum of 36 hours, including 24 hours taken in courses numbered 700 or above.


Students selecting the thesis option must pass an oral defense of the thesis.


CJ 802 - Quantitative Methods for Public Sector Professionals (offered during fall semester)
CJ 893 - Seminar in Applied Criminal Theory (offered during spring semester)
CJ 894 - Proseminar in Criminal Justice (offered during fall semester)
CJ 897 - Advanced Research Methods (offered during spring semester)


CJ 501 - Integrity in Public Service
CJ 513 - Violent Crime
CJ 515 - Sex Crimes
CJ 516 - Profiling
CJ 517 - Homicide Investigation
CJ 518 - CJ & Crime in Film
CJ 541 - Med. & Lgl. Aspects of Dth. Invest.
CJ 551 - Workshop in CJ
CJ 593 - Crime Causation & CJ Policy
CJ 600 - Forensic Anthropology
CJ 610 - Correctional Counseling
CJ 641 - Forensic Psychiatry
CJ 643 - Forensic Science
CJ 651 - Dispute Resolution
CJ 652 - Juvenile Just. & Social Plcy.
CJ 692 - Community Policing
CJ 781 - Cooperative Education/Internship
CJ 783 - Avcd. Sp. Topics in CJ
CJ 796 - Criminal Typologies
CJ 797 - Pub. Plcy. Anal. & Prgm. Eval.
CJ 816 - Correctional Administration
CJ 820 - Terrorism & Mod. Society
CJ 850 - Workshop
CJ 853 - Crime Prev. thr. Environ. Dsgn.
CJ 861 - Police Administration
CJ 873 - Avcd. Criminal Law
CJ 874 - Qualitative Methods
CJ 882 - Individual Directed Study
CJ 891 - Seminar in Judicial Process
CJ 895 - Seminar in Policing
CJ 896 - Seminar in Corrections
CJ 898 - Appl. Research Paper
CJ 900 - Thesis

Download .pdf Copy of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program Sheet