Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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Program Overview:

Wichita State University, a forerunner in criminal justice education, was the fourth institution in the United States to offer college course work in police science. Since its beginning in 1934 as a police program, it has broadened its scope to include the total criminal justice system. Criminal Justice students may participate in cooperative education and internship programs which provide related employment opportunities with local and federal criminal justice agencies.

The Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) provides networking opportunities to members by bringing speakers to campus and scheduling tours of various agencies.
Students interested in Criminal Justice might consider combining the degree with study in investigative reporting/journalism. Other related programs include medical technology, the laboratory sciences or, for working in corrections, psychology and sociology.

Students who have completed course work after August 1, 1989, from the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, the Wichita Police Department Training Academy or the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, may receive academic credit for the Detention Deputy Training course or the Law Enforcement Basic Training course.

To request more information on the Criminal Justice program, or how to apply to receive academic credit for the Law Enforcement Academy Training, contact the undergraduate program coordinator, Dr. Szde Yu. 

Undergraduate Coordinator                                        LAS Advising Center

Dr. Szde Yu                                                                 115 Grace Wilkie
301 Lindquist Hall                                                        316-978-3700

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