Academic and Clinical Faculty

Administrative Staff

Name Research Areas Contact Information CV
Kathy L. Coufal, PhD, CCC-SLP Kathy Coufal
 Professor and Chair
Board Certified Specialist in Child Language. Language development in young children, service delivery to families. kathy.coufal@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3171
Curriculum Vitae - Kathy Coufal (PDF)
Mary Beasley, MA, CCC-SLP Mary Beasley
 Clinic Director  
Communication disabilities, special education law, program administration. mary.beasley@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6353
Curriculum Vitae - Mary Beasley (PDF)
Terese Conrad, MA, CCC-SLP Terese Conrad
 Clinical Supervisor
Autism spectrum disorders terese.conrad@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3397
Curriculum Vitae - Terese Conrad (PDF)
Anthony DiLollo, PhD, CCC-SLP Anthony DiLollo
 Associate Professor
Fluency, voice, counseling, social interaction analysis. anthony.dilollo@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3319
Doctoral Coordinator
Curriculum Vitae - Anthony DiLollo (PDF)
David Downs, PhD, CCC-A David Downs
 Senior Clinical
Diagnostic audiology, hearing conservation, pediatric rehabilitation. david.downs@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.5404
Curriculum Vitae - David Downs (PDF)
Barbara Hodson, PhD, CCC-SLP Barbara Hodson
Applied phonology, metaphonology, applied phonetics, early literacy. barbara.hodson@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6342
Curriculum Vitae - Barbara Hodson (PDF)
Raymond Hull, PhD, CCC-A Raymond Hull
Aural rehabilitation, clinical audiology, neurosciences. ray.hull@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3271
AuD Program Coordinator
Curriculum Vitae - Raymond Hull (PDF)
Stacey Kampe, CCC-A Stacey Kampe
 Clinical Supervisor
Audiologist slhclinic@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3289
Jennifer Kordonowy, MA, CCC-SLP Jennifer Kordonowy
 Clinical Supervisor
Coordinator of on-site Kaleidoscope Preschool jennifer.kordonowy@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6196
Curriculum Vitae - Jennifer Kordonowy (PDF)
Douglas F. Parham, PhD, CCC-SLP Douglas Parham
 Associate Professor
Speech breathing, speech & language development, conversational interaction. douglas.parham@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.5634
Curriculum Vitae - Douglas F. Parham (PDF)
Ashley Purdum, MA, CCC-SLP Ashley Purdum
 Clinical Supervisor
Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) LOUD Certified Clinician ashley.purdum@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3289
Brian Ray, MA, CCC-SLP Brian Ray
 Senior Clinical
Board Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders. Child speech and language. brian.ray@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3493
Curriculum Vitae - Brian Ray (PDF)
Julie Scherz, PhD, CCC-SLP Julie Scherz
 Associate Professor
Neuropathologies, AAC, computer applications. julie.scherz@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.5344
Graduate Coordinator
Curriculum Vitae - Julie Scherz (PDF)
Trisha Self, PhD, CCC-SLP Trisha Self
 Associate Professor
Board Certified Specialist in Child Language. Autism spectrum disorders. trisha.self@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6810
Curriculum Vitae - Trisha Self (PDF)
 Mark Shaver, PhD, CCC-AMark Shaver
 Clinical Audiologist
Diagnostic audiology, hearing rehabilitation, otoacoustic emissions. mark.shaver@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6352
Curriculum Vitae - Mark Shaver (PDF)
Kathy Strattman, PhD, CCC-SLP Kathy Strattman
 Associate Professor
Board Certified Specialist in Child Language. Language acquisition/disorders, literacy, phonological awareness. kathy.strattman@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6356
Undergraduate Coordinator
Curriculum Vitae - Kathy Strattman (PDF)
Xiao-Ming Sun, PhD Xiao-Ming Sun
 Associate Professor
Cochlear, auditory efferent system, middle ear, OAEs, auditory evoked potentials, wideband acoustic immittance. xiao-ming.sun@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.6160
Curriculum Vitae - Xiao-Ming Sun (PDF)
Deborah Tremain, MA, CCC-SLP Deborah Tremain
 Clinical Supervisor
Director of community outreach at St. Francis of Assisi School deborah.tremain@wichita.edu
Phone: 316.978.3289
Curriculum Vitae - Deborah Tremain (PDF)

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Administrative Staff

Name Contact Information
Jaymie Faust Jaymie Faust
 Administrative Specialist
Phone: 316.978.5633
Sonya Moore Sonya Moore
 Billing Coordinator
 Evelyn Hendren Cassat Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Phone: 316.978.3512
Coni Nutter Coni Nutter
 Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 316.978.3166
Barbara Sawtelle Barbara Sawtelle
 Administrative Assistant
 Evelyn Hendren Cassat Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic
Phone: 316.978.3289
Carrie Wyatt Carrie Wyatt
 Senior Administrative Specialist
Phone: 316.978.3240