Accessible Classrooms

On Campus

If a student has a disability that affects his/her mobility, it is the policy of WSU to move classes that are scheduled in inaccessible rooms to accessible rooms. The schedule of classes has an asterisk (*) next to classes that are accessible. If the student can register for a class already assigned to an accessible classroom, please do so. But if it cannot fit into your schedule then contact ODS and we will work with the Registrar's office to move the class. If there is only one section of the class being offered and it is in an inaccessible location, the student should contact ODS as soon as possible. This will allow the Registrar's office to change and post the new classroom assignment before the semester begins. When a student makes a request to have a class moved, the request should contain all the pertinent information ODS needs to consider when moving the class.

If the student is not sure the classroom is accessible, please visit the site. If it is not accessible, then contact the Director or Assistant Director at ODS and ask to have the class moved to an accessible building.

Satellite Campus

If the class is at a satellite campus and the student is unfamiliar with the site, the student should drive by the location before class begins. This will allow the student to become familiar with accessible parking and the location of classes. All classrooms at the Westside, Derby and the Metropolitan Complex are accessible.