Brailling Services

The Office of Disability Services can braille materials for students and will use the same schedule that is used by students requesting papers to be typed. Our braille printer is IBM-compatible and we use Word or text files with our software. To insure papers can be brailled quickly, please submit your documents through email, or bring them to the office on a CD or a flash drive in a format compatible with Word.  If we need to type the material into the computer before brailling, this will increase our time in getting the material back to students. If the instructor is using printed handouts or overheads we can work with the instructor to get the materials brailled before they are used in the class.

If a student will need brailling services, the student should make sure this is discussed when their intake is completed for the semester. If the student needs brailling once the semester has started they should schedule a meeting with the Director or Assistant Director to add this service for the semester.