Phenomenal Women 2014 Award Winners

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             Dr. Mara Alagic   Crystal Davis   Martha Lewis
                   Faculty                Student                Staff

Dr. Mara Alagic is an Associate Professor of mathematics education with a PhD in mathematics. Dr. Alagic’s interest in developing intercultural communication and global learning competence has arisen from having taught internationally and in culturally diverse environments. Dr. Alagic was a recipient of the Global Learning Course Redevelopment Team Excellence Award in 2002. In addition to integrating global learning into her own classes, she mentored other faculty and K-12 teachers to infuse global learning into their curriculum. She received the College of Education Research Award in 2004-2005. Her passion for multicultural and global communication resulted in working with students and peers in facilitating development of their own intercultural communication competences. She is publishing a number of articles and co-authoring two books about intercultural communication. Dr. Alagic is long-standing member of the Global Advisory Board for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, and an engaged member of WSU Tilford Commission as well as of Wichita’s Global Learning Center where she served as a vice-president in 2010 and president in 2011.

Crystal Davis is a junior majoring in Pre-Nursing.  She is currently involved in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated as the Financial Secretary and has served in several other capacities including holding the president position. For the past four years Crystal has played a major role in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the WSU community and the Wichita community. Crystal has facilitated several programs through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and MSMP such as breast cancer awareness, domestic violence, and academic and social programing. She has served as a mentor of the Multicultural Student Mentoring Program and orientation leader through admissions. In the community Crystal has donated much of her time with Community Operations Recovery Empowerment by volunteering with Celebrate Safe Communities, and the You Only Live Once youth summit. She has given countless hours to the Kansas Food Bank, the Lord’s Diner, Veterans Homes, as well as Habitat for Humanity.  Her passion is helping and doing for others.  Crystal’s favorite quote is “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Martha Lewis is the Director of Trio Disability Support Services. Martha has served as the Director of (DSS) for nine years. She is also the First Lady of the Liberty Missionary Baptist Church, where she has served with her husband, who has pastored there for thirty years. Martha graduated from Wichita State University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work. She continued her studies, attending the accelerated program in graduate school, and received her Master of Social Work Degree from The University of Kansas in 1996. Martha is very active in several associations and serves as the 1st Vice President of the WSU Women’s Association and a member of the Council of University Women. Martha has always been a caring, compassionate person who has a passion especially for working with children, persons with disabilities and elderly persons. In addition she is a woman of faith and integrity.

This award recognizes women for their accomplishments and contributions to the WSU community and society. Individuals were encouraged to nominate females who have made a difference in their lives. To be eligible, the Phenomenal Woman nominees are employees, students, faculty and/or staff of Wichita State University.

Nominations will be accepted starting on Monday, February 16, 2015  

To be considered for the award the nominee must be:

  • A woman who has distinguished herself in academic work, career, leadership, public service, or any combination thereof.
  •  A woman who has contributed to the personal growth and success of others, especially women, through education, research, or public or volunteer service above and beyond her expected job responsibilities.
  •  A woman whose achievements create positive social change, increase equality for all, and build community through service.