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What's the difference between copying and off-set printing?

In photo copying there are no real start-up costs and each printed piece costs about the same, no matter how many are printed. In offset printing, there are start-up costs for film and plate preparation and preparing the press with ink, but the printed piece keeps getting less expensive the more you produce. As a rule of thumb at about 1,000 copies, the cost of offset printing starts going down while the cost of photo copying stays the same.

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Do you offer color printing?

Duplication Station offers digital color printing ranging from 8.5x11 to 12x18. We also offer full color poster/banner printing up to 42” wide.

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Where do I take my print job?

You may drop off your print job at the Duplication Station in 011 Morrison Hall. We are located in the basement. 

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What about electronic job submission?

You save money by submitting your print job via the Duplication Station digital storefront

You can save files and jobs to reorder in the future. You can also follow the progress of your print job on the digital storefront site.

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What software do you support?

We support the Microsoft Office package which includes Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and PowerPoint. We also support Adobe Illustrator, In-Design and Photoshop for PC only.

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What if I need help with design?

You may contact Amy Easum, Client Service Manager in the Creative Services division with Strategic Communications, for typesetting assistance. Reach her at 316-978-7285 or amy.easum@wichita.edu.

If your print job is going to be mailed off-campus without an envelope, you will need to get your design approved by the Post Office for mailing. There are federal requirements for placement of addresses and indicia. Additionally, there are paper color and weight restrictions that should be approved as well.

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What bindery / finishing services do you offer?

Duplication Station offers the following bindery / finishing services: folding, cutting, comb and spiral binding, booklet making, laminating, hole drilling, padding, perforating, scoring, envelope inserting and shrink wrapping.

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Can I get a cost estimate?

At your request, we will provide a cost estimate to assist you in determining a project budget. Average turnaround time for an estimate is 24 hours. However, estimates may take up to three days to prepare if we need to contact an outside vendor for special paper or supplies. The accuracy of an estimate is dependent on the information we receive from you. As is customary in the printing industry, actual cost may vary within 10 percent. Estimates are valid for only 30 days due to fluctuating paper prices.

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How do I get copyright approval to reproduce materials for classroom use?

Submit a Copyright Request Form to our center in Morrison Hall to begin the permissions process. This process can take up to several weeks to complete. Fines for reproducing copyrighted materials without permission range from $250 - $150,000 per willful infringement, plus legal fees. Central Services will request permission to reproduce your copyrighted materials through the Copyright Clearance Center. If you have already received permission, submit a signed copy of the “Customer Statement of the Duplication of Copyrighted Written Works” form along with your print job. For more information on copyrights, please see WSU Copyright Policy #3.36.

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