Faculty & Staff Email

Microsoft Outlook (Windows) and Microsoft Entourage (Macs) are the recommended email/calendaring solutions supported by University Computing.  Outlook and Entourage are not only email clients, they also provide other office applications as well such as individual and group calendaring and scheduling.  Departments also use Outlook or Entourage to access their departmental email account. HelpDesk@wichita.edu and Admissions@wichita.edu are examples of departmental accounts.

With Outlook Web Access (OWA), you can use a Web browser to access your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection. You can use Outlook Web Access with Microsoft Internet Explorer or many other browsers for UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or computers running Microsoft Windows. Outlook Web Access is an effective solution for people who require roaming, remote access, or cross-platform functionality.

Outlook or Entourage are accessed by clicking the appropriate icon on your office computer.  Outlook Web Access can be accessed from http://mail.wichita.edu.