International ExperienceThe EMBA International Experience

The Executive MBA program offers a strong global component through the integrated use of global case studies and a Global Business and Competition course. As part of this course, EMBA students travel to an international destination for a week-long experience.

Students get a chance to experience first-hand the business practices of another culture. The students travel as a class to a different country to gain perspective on how business processes are influenced by prevailing economic, cultural and regulatory environments. 

Historically, the destination has been Shanghai, China. The cost of this trip (excluding personal incidentals and some meals) is included in the tuition fee.

'A highlight of my EMBA program'

Testimonials from EMBA graduates themselves:

International Experience

"It was a neat experience to experience another culture and learn how they do business over there. It's one of those places I'd love to take the family back and see [Shanghai, China].

"I'm glad I did it. It was a rewarding experience getting over there and seeing how American businesses operate in a foreign country."

- David Norris
2012 Graduate

"To say it was an earth-shattering experience is an understatement. I had never been to China before. And to be able to go in this kind of setting where we were able to go to businesses that had ties to Wichita and ties to Kansas.

"It tied back into what we learned in the class. It was definitely a highlight of my EMBA program."

- Angela Hudgins
2014 graduate