The Value of an EMBA

If you ask Executive MBA students and graduates the value of their experience in the EMBA program, you’ll get answers with a common theme:

The return on investment is substantial with benefits for both the student and their organization.


“The WSU EMBA was an intense, focused study on how to do my job better.  It forced to me raise the bar and opened my eyes to what I could become.  I refer back to my EMBA experiences regularly in my current role.  It has given me the confidence to make decisions faster and to set the direction for my team.  I can’t think of a better to way to increase your value than through intense study with some of the best professionals in Wichita.”

Patrick Goebel '06


“It has forever changed my opinion about the importance and value of team chemistry and unified goals.  The networking opportunities created by this cross pollination of different companies will provide untold benefits in the years to come.”

Steve Anderson ‘04                                                                          


“The structure of the EMBA program, with classes held on Saturdays, fit well into my professional career and personal life.  It allowed me to gain capability while meeting my commitments at work and home.

In terms of career growth, an Executive MBA from Wichita State University is a differentiator.  The application of knowledge gained in the EMBA program forms the foundation for better decision making.  Combined with solid performance in your area of expertise, the EMBA will set you apart from the rest.”

John O’Leary '01

EMBA Faculty

“My goal at the end of each Saturday is that I have passed along important accounting tools that our students can use on Monday.  As a former CFO, I want to level the playing field between our students and their accounting staffs.”

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Michael Flores
Assistant Director and Regier Carr and Monroe Faculty Fellow
School of Accountancy

"The Executive MBA classroom is challenging for both students and professors.  EMBA students demand current and relevant knowledge that will move their career forward."

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James Wolff
Professor and Kincaid Faculty Fellow
Department of Management