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In conjunction with WSU’s Veterans Preference policy 3.46, the Office of Human Resources is proud to present a continuing Veterans Spotlight Webpage highlighting some top local job seeking veterans. Visit this webpage regularly to see profiles and resumes of extremely talented veterans, WSU veteran success stories, learn a little about the military, and if you are a WSU employer, answer our vet trivia question to win Shocker gear.

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Did You Know? The military salute dates back as far as Roman times when the right hand was raised in a gesture to show no concealed weapon in the hand.  Also, knights were said to raise their visors with their right hand upon greeting a comrade or superior to show their identity. The gesture eventually evolved into a show of respect for military authority.

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Desiree Mandoriao - 8 yrs U.S. Army

  • Desired Position(s)- data entry, human resources, administrative
    • Experience- accounting, human resources, logistics
    • Credentials- FEDLOG, ULLSS4
  • Resume
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Rueben Espinosa - 6 yrs USMC

  • Desired Position(s)- aviation management
    • Experience- aircraft maintenance, composites expertise
    • Credentials- OSHA certification, Bronze WorkReady certificate
  • Resume

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Trivia Question: Which veteran jobseeker worked for Rockwell International?
Email lloyd.hatfield@wichita.edu with your answer (1st correct answer wins a prize) if you are a WSU employer.
WSU Vet Successes

Eric King - 3 years USMC

  • Experience - Field Artillery Operations Chief
  • Service - Vietnam campaign
  • WSU position - Associate Vice President for Facilities
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Want to hire a vet or learn more?  316-978-3556 or lloyd.hatfield@wichita.edu

If you are a vet and want to be featured on our page, contact Lloyd Hatfield at 316-978-3556 or email at lloyd.hatfield@wichita.edu

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