Faculty Adviser Contact Information

An updated list can be found at the WSU Faculty/Staff Directory.

Department & Faculty E-mail Address Location

Aerospace Engineering

Klaus Hoffman klaus.hoffman@wichita.edu WH 226B
Walter Horn walter.horn@wichita.edu WH 203
Suresh (Raju) Keshavanarayana suresh.keshavanarayana@wichita.edu WH 228
Linda Kliment linda.kliment@wichita.edu WH 203
L. Scott Miller scott.miller@wichita.edu WH 201
Roy Myose roy.myose@wichita.edu WH 204
Michael Papadakis michael.papadakis@wichita.edu WH 212
Kamran Rokhsaz kamran.rokhsaz@wichita.edu WH 202
James Steck james.steck@wichita.edu WH 218N
Chihdar (Charles) Yang charles.yang@wichita.edu WH 205

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science

Abu Asaduzzaman abu.asaduzzaman@wichita.edu JB 253
Rajiv Bagai rajiv.bagai@wichita.edu JB 217
Yanwu Ding yanwu.ding@wichita.edu JB 211
Keenan Jackson keenan.jackson@wichita.edu JB 238
Neeraj Jaggi neeraj.jaggi@wichita.edu JB 209
Ward Jewell ward.jewell@wichita.edu WH 334
Preethika Kumar preethika.kumar@wichita.edu JB 254
Hyuck Kwon hyuck.kwon@wichita.edu WH 314
Vinod Namboodiri vinod.namboodiri@wichita.edu JB 210
Prakash Ramanan prakash.ramanan@wichita.edu JB 253
Steven Skinner steven.skinner@wichita.edu JB 215
John Watkins john.watkins@wichita.edu JB 250
Paul York paul.york@wichita.edu JB 251

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Michael Jorgensen michael.jorgensen@wichita.edu EB 120
Krishna Krishnan krishna.krishnan@wichita.edu EB 120
Vis Madhavan vis.madhavan@wichita.edu EB 120
Don Malzahn don.malzahn@wichita.edu EB 120
Janet Twomey janet.twomey@wichita.edu EB 120
Pingfeng Wang pingfang.wang@wichita.edu EB 120
Gamal Weheba gamal.weheba@wichita.edu EB 120
Larry Whitman larry.whitman@wichita.edu EB 120
Bayram Yildirim bayram.yildirim@wichita.edu EB 120

Mechanical Engineering

Ikram Ahmed ikram.ahmed@wichita.edu EB 100
Ramazan Asmatulu ramazan.asmatulu@wichita.edu EB 100
Brian Driessen brian.driessen@wichita.edu EB 100
David Koert david.koert@wichita.edu EB 100
Hamid Lankarani hamid.lankarani@wichita.edu EB 100
Bob Minaie bob.minaie@wichita.edu EB 100
TS Ravigurarajan ts.ravi@wichita.edu EB 100

Undecided Engineering Majors

Samantha Corcoran samantha.corcoran@wichita.edu WH 102