Engineering General Education Courses

General Education courses are divided into three categories and are listed in this manner in the schedule of courses. These are:

  • Introductory Courses are usually 100-level and above
  • Further Study Courses are usually a second course in the same department as an introductory course
  • Issues and Perspectives are listed in a separate category


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General Education Requirements in Engineering

Credit Hours
1 Introductory Fine Arts 3 credit hours
1 Introductory Humanities
(Phil 125 Introductory Logic for Computer Science majors)
3 credit hours
1 Introductory Social & Behavioral Science 3 credit hours
1 Introductory in either Humanities or
Social & Behavioral Science
3 credit hours
1 Further Studies course
(in the same department as one of your
introductory courses excluding Fine Arts)
3 credit hours
Philosophy 385 Engineering Ethics
(excluding Computer Engineering & Computer Science majors)

Philosophy 354 Ethics & Computers
(for Computer Engineering & Computer Science majors)
3 credit hours
  • Only specific classes count for General Education credit. Refer to the Schedule of Courses Menu - General Education Class Locator for an approved list of General Education courses each semester. 
  • Philosophy 385 or 354 is a required General Education course for engineering students and fulfills the Issues & Perspectives requirement in engineering. 
  • Any Issues & Perspectives course(s) taken in addition to the required ethics course for engineering students WILL NOT count toward General Education in engineering.   
  • Be advised, the following are Issues & Perspectives courses and WILL NOT count toward General Education in engineering:
    • SOC316 - Men & Masculinities
    • WOMS316 - Men & Masculinities
    • HMCD308 - Leadership in Self/Society
    • PSY 413 - Leadership in Self/Society
    • PSY 346 - Leadership in Self/Society
    • PHS 308 - Leadership in Self/Society
  • Just because a course has an introductory class as its prerequisite, does not mean it is necessarily a Further Study course. Again, your best guide is the Schedule of Courses - General Education Class Locator.


Basic Skills Requirement

Basic Skills - Must be completed within 48 hours
English I
ENGL 100/101
English II
ENGL 102
Public Speaking
COMM 111

University policy requires completion of these courses within the first 48 credit hours. The Office of Student Records will not give a student electronic signature to enroll unless this requirement has been met.