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Dean's Circle Overview

  • Those involved in industry and commerce know what the future will require from newly trained and educated engineers. Many in the Dean's Circle at WSU are such leaders. Others are faculty members.
  • Working with those in academia, members of the Dean's Circle form an invaluable group to position the College of Engineering for the challenges of the future. The Dean's Circle is committed to the excellence and leadership needed for continuous improvement.
  • Members of the Dean's Circle have the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Engineering on a regularly scheduled basis. They also receive a copy of the college's annual report and other special information about the college.

Dean's Circle History

  • The Dean's Circle was started in 1989 with thirteen charter members and with Mr. Richard B. Holloway as its first Chairman, initially the only officer. In late 1991, Mr. Holloway sought to be replaced and named a committee to find a successor and to add some formality to the organization to help perpetuate it. The original Articles of Organization and the first list of nominees for officers were the result. Officers were elected by all Members for one year corresponding to the WSU fiscal year. The first election was for period February 26, 1992 through June 30, 1993 to transition to the WSU fiscal year.
  • To increase the emphasis on high school student interest in engineering, the Dean's Circle started Kansas BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) in 1999 as a part of a national program of volunteers to help advance engineering through a robotics competition. Kansas BEST is a very successful program having involved thousands of high school students, some becoming engineers who had not previously considered engineering as a profession.
  • Since Kansas BEST consumed so much attention, the Dean's Circle broadened its organization in 2008 to include Gold, Silver and Bronze giving and activity levels. Where as the Life Member contribution was increased and the Member contribution slightly revised into the Gold level, Silver and Bronze levels were added to attract younger members.

Dean's Circle Mission

  • Develop and implement projects to help the college carry out its mission and reach its goals.
  • Serve as advisors to the dean of engineering.
  • Provide leadership for problem-solving.
  • Encourage a personal financial commitment to the WSU College of Engineering.

The Dean's Circle is responsible for creating a $5 million laboratory equipment endowment fund and establishing a Distinguished Engineer Service Award program.

Dean's Circle Giving Levels

  • Life Members: Requires a one-time or accumulative gift of $15,000 either directly or in combination with a company matching gift - or a deferred gift of $250,000.
  • Gold Members: Requires a one-time ar accumulative gift of $5,000 for a five year membership or $1000 annually for five years, either directly or in combination with a company matching gift.
  • Silver Members: Requires $500 annually, either directly or in combination with a company matching gift.
  • Bronze Members: Requires $200 annually, either directly or in combination with a company matching gift.