Boeing Global Engineering International Travel Grant for Engineering Students

(September 2015-August 2016)

To: College of Engineering Faculty
As a pilot program, and only for the 2015-16 Academic Year (September 2015-August 2016), we are planning to make available a limited number of international travel grants for COE UG and Graduate students to provide our students opportunities for international experience.
To assist undergraduate and graduate engineering students to travel beyond US and Canada for research, learning a language (other than English), or attending (technical) academic workshop for a short period.  Each award would be no more than $1,000; total available grant fund is very limited (no more than $10,000).  The grant is expected to be available only as a supplementary source of fund.
Activities that will be supported:
1. Present a paper at a professional conference where the student is the presenter and a contributor to the paper content. 
a. The conference should be approved by department chair or faculty advisor or research supervisor,
b. The paper must be based on (done solo or as a team member) research conducted for a WSU engineering course, PhD dissertation/MS thesis/MS terminal project, or work done in funded/unfunded faculty supervised research project (UG and Grad), and
c. The final paper must have been approved by the supervising faculty.
2. Attend a workshop or short course (a) for language learning (other than English) or (b) to develop a technical skill/gain knowledge that will help in research or academically; must be approved by academic/research advisor or department chair.
3. Attend a short-duration academic course at a non-US/Canada university; must be approved by academic advisor or department chair.
4. Conduct research or analysis or collect data in a Research Lab overseas in a university or technical organization.  Permission/acceptance to work in the lab must be received prior to grant application and worked out by the student’s WSU academic/research advisor and the Overseas Research Lab Supervisor.
5. Undergraduate student activity must fulfill one of Engineer 2020 requirements and must be preapproved by WSU advisor.
1. Must be enrolled in an UG or Graduate engineering degree program at the time of application and at the time of travel.  Enrollment in a certificate program will not meet eligibility.
2. May not be on academic probation (at time of application and the semester of travel).
3. (a) UGs must at least be a Junior, and must have completed at least 15 credit hours of engineering courses at WSU (no course grade below 2.00); and, have engineering major and WSU GPA of no less than 2.50.  (b) Graduate students must have completed at least 9 engineering graduate credit hours at WSU (no course grade below 3.00); and, WSU engineering graduate GPA of no less than 3.25.
4. Grant award preference will be given to:
a. Grad students who are on thesis/terminal project track or doctoral students;
b. UG students who are doing or have done UG research with an engineering faculty.
5. For International students, travel may not be to the country they are citizen of.
6. No more than one UG and one Grad student award for each nominating faculty per academic year.
7. No student may receive this travel grant more than once during September 2015-August 2016.
1. Through an application form (soft copy attached); please distribute the form to students you want to nominate.
2. Must provide all required (specified in the form) documents.
3. Provide a budget and identify other sources to be applied to for partial support.
4. Award will not be for more than $1,000; one student (the presenter) to be funded even when there are multiple student co-authors.
5. Nomination can only be made by an engineering faculty.
1. Filled application and supporting documents must be electronically sent by the nominating engineering faculty to – abu.masud@wichita.edu
2. Applications will be reviewed and approved by a faculty committee on a rolling basis till all funds have been allocated (first apply, first serve basis).
3. Grant will only support airfare, hotel, and/or registration cost.
4. Student must submit the WSU travel approval form (through his/her department) on-time and purchase ticket through WSU travel agent (who will charge an engineering account directly); for reimbursement of hotel/registration, WSU policy/procedure will be followed.
5. Student may have to sign a waiver (of liability) if WSU requires it.

If needed, contact Abu Masud, abu.masud@wichita.edu, for any clarification.