Engineering 101

Engineering 101 (ENGR 101) is a three-hour course specifically designed for College of Engineering freshmen and transfer students in their first year at Wichita State University. ENGR101 assists engineering students in exploring engineering careers and opportunities. It provides information on academic and life skills essential to become a successful engineering student. It promotes connections to specific engineering majors and provides activities to assist and reinforce the decision to major in engineering. ENGR 101 is recommended for all new engineering students.

The course is taught by four engineering educators and an engineering educator assistant:

Nick Wanklyn, Engineering Educator
Dominic Canare, Engineering Educator
Curt Gridley, Engineering Educator
Rye Kennedy, Engineering Educator
Tom McGuire, Engineering Educator Assistant

For additional information and to view ENGR 101, visit the ENGR 101 Fall 2013 Blog!